I’m searching for happiness in life. Looking for a purpose (besides the love of my life) to fight for everyday. I have all these dreams, goals and plans … but what am I really doing? I think I’ve had the wrong idea. Yes joy comes from within but how can a person be truly joyFILLED, while they sit in the same mediocre position day after day. My failure, I fooled myself into saying it was defeat. Its not simply because its my fault. I have been looking for a starting OVER point. Couldn’t seem to locate any black and white area. Everything is grey and blurry as fuck! But the thing about it is, you won’t find any black and white areas, anything of substance standing still. I gotta stop standing still.

How is love really supposed to feel? I mean how many of us really know? The actually feeling of true love. Where do we even get them definition? And who’s to say that definition is right? Or is every version of true love … different?

Well isn’t she gorgeous …

Please everybody, if anybody ever says this name to you, don’t believe a word they say. I was scammed by “Alex Smith Kelly” and now, before I even had a chance to build anything , I have bad credit and owe my credit union thousands of dollars that I don’t have. This message isn’t for anybody to offer donations, its so that you can be more aware of the things going on in your cyber environment. I was looking for a job and I foolishly responded to an ad from craiglist. I foolishly ignored the bad feelings I was having, because thinking back on it…if I wouldn’t have ignored how I felt I wouldn’t be in this situation.

I’ll make a more detailed post a later date, but for now I will say to google the names of those that you think are trying to help you. Because after the fact I googled his name and a few other people have been scammed by this man as well….

just stay tuned.

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